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I have some blogs that I read on a regular basis and sadly some of them move to another domain and somehow I lost track, Although I still have a few that I check once a week and one of those is!

I honestly can say that I didn't like all her posts specially the outfits posts but I loved the photography posts and the way she capture the light, objects I was more into that than outfits or lets empower woman posts!
The last post she 'post' is amazing in every way! And I would like to comment that post but she took off the comment section so I can not tell her: thank god you are over with outfit, with looking at numbers... so glad you don't give a fuck to your public opinion. Than I realized: that's why she took of the comments! :) ah ironic!

I really like her photographies and I will show you some of the last post pictures she took and I honestly she could do just this, posting photographies. Because she has talent and from all her posts, I just remember the photographies and I keep forgetting about the rest, the text the meaning of the post...

(images taken from Liz Morrow's blog and copy rights belong to her).

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