On my map: Amsterdam!


Holland! I have been there 3 times but only this time I went to Amsterdam... Finally I could visit Amsterdam and see a little of the city. I also went to one museum, Amsterdam Museum, because my agenda was very tight and I had no time for more.

If you have a change go to Grand Cafe Lindenhof, because food there is amazing as well the desserts. Really worth the trip there.

It was so funny when I was walking around Amsterdam and I saw a little board saying 'We have bifanas' in portuguese... I totally thought my brain was tricking me but no, this little coffee shop was run by a portuguese lady with lots of traditional food, including portuguese coffee.
My portuguese coffee, I miss it whenever I travel...
I also saw, a giant octopus painted on a wall, in the middle of a small street... They follow me :)

After dinner, well dinner... it was an adventure to have our dinner... We waited over one hour and half for our food at this mexican restaurant. But after dinner, we passed by some windows with carpets made of cocktails accessories.

- I don't think Red District worths a visit, personally, you can totally skip it. It was the only place, from all the countries I have been, that some one tried to rob me!
- Go to a boat trip. It wonderful and so nice to see Amsterdam by a different perspective. And its not expensive.

De Lindenhof


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