On holiday mode...


Long time no see! Yah this last week I was on holiday and by holiday I mean, mini-trip to Copenhagen, one single day enjoying the beach as the weather has been terrible and now that I holidays are almost at the end I just feel like I could use another week without doing nothing!

On this holidays I decided to stop for a while. I'm always on the move so I really needed some time off. I decided to enjoy my free time and saw 2 films a day. To be honest I was needing this!

Meanwhile in Denmark, I found some pieces really cheap in a flea market, so I bought 2 glasses from Rosenthal for 20 krone, one metal illustration from an english artist for 5 krone and one antique soap spoon for only 10 krone. All together cost me less than 10 euros, Bargain!

I just loved to go to Denmark and catch some good weather, we even went to luch near this river and ate danish food. I also went to Tivoli, that I never had been there and ate at this divine restaurant, Promenade.



Back home, my cat was still ill... this was what cost me most, to leave her like this when she was sick. I spend my days in Copenhagen worried about her, however my sister is a vet and she contoled the situation while I was out.

And my holidays are ending...
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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