End of summer...


I have this clear idea this was my last beach day, which means for me, the end of summer!
I had this busy day with ativities so I wake up early and deicied to go to the beach and wear my new bikini, well actually I bought on sale at ASOS 3 pieces of bikinis so I could mix and match :)

So my last day of beach of 2015 was calm, with lack of people like I enjoy must, than I went to Gale for my second breakfast, than home... yes I had on my agenda one workshop of watercolour at Leituria with ilustradora Ana Oliveira, also known as Ilustrana.

About Leituria I will talk about it later.

About the workshop, I just love it! And recommend.
I admit my knowledge about painting with watercolour was zero! I didn't know anything... how to wet the ink or the paper, the best type of paper, nothing! I think I had some class of this while I was in school like 25 years ago, but I don't remember about anything maybe what they taught me was nothing...
Ana is super sweet person, kind and she explain her own techniques, gave us a few hints and 3 hours just flow away! We were only 2 persons to attend this workshop and I think it was so cool, more cozy and I like that way, I tend to be more social with less people around me :)
During the workshop we were suppose to paint one illustration made by Ilustrana, Princess Pea. Which was great because I didn't had to think about drawing just to learn and listen to the teacher.

I leave you with some pictures of he exercises done during the workshop :)
By the way, check Ilustrana's work. Its so pretty and you will not regret!


And enjoy the rest of your day!

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