One year!


Exactly one year ago I was signing and buying my house, yeh!!
Well already one year... One year! The time just pass me by flying... I truly thought after one year I would have my house all set, turn out it didn't.
Between trips, lack of time, lack of money lots of details are delayed, like buying a big size bed.

Meanwhile, yesterday night I decided to make a small re-arrangement on my living room.
I already thought about changing it because the place where I had my laptop didn't exist any plug which is kind of essential, but I'm not truly convinced about my living room yet.

But, one year!
At this moment only the entrance is almost done... I still want to change the light and I need to hire an electrician to check some lights.

Slowly I will have my house as I wish!
Some pictures of my house than and now :)



(click on the images to enlarge)

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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