5 Gold rules for a peaceful trip


Its holiday season! Or at least almost there, so lets review some basic safety rules for those who will travel.

1st Gold rule

First of all, no doubt, safety! Always! So keep a copy on your phone of all your important documents, like passport, identification, hotel number  and give - also - a copy to your close family.

2nd Gold rule

Just drink bottle water.

3th Gold rule

Simple but so important, pack light. Don't pack heavy and big, beside its awful you have to walk around with heavy bags, will not help you in case you have to run.

4th Gold rule

Another essential rule, keep some basic medication in a small purse, like ben-u-ron or aspirins.

5th Gold rule

Follow your instincts, if some area doesn't look safe, avoid it. Prefer busy streets and don't be shy to ask for help, if necessary.

You can read more trip tips on my old post here:

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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