Recipe: Teriyaki vegetarian pasta


I'm getting use to that and I'm enjoying more and more the idea of stopping eat meat :D

The good thing about this type of dishes is, you can mix everything you like or have at home into the wok mix, put some pasta and you have a good meal in 'no waste' style.
This recipe is very simple and you can cook several meals at once.

You will need:
- 1/2 chopped onion;
- 4 pieces of garlic;
- 1/3 natural tofu, chopped;
- teriyaki sauce;
- Black ear mushrooms;
- Pepper q.b;
- 6 pieces of green tagliatelle,
- 1/4 of vegetarian chouriço;
- 6 cubes of spinaches;
- 100gr of green peas.

Start to cook the onion, garlic in sesame oil than mix the mushrooms, spinach and the peas, in a large wok. Let is cook well than add the pepper.
Meanwhile chopped the chouriço and tofu in cubes.
When the spinaches an mushrooms are ready (more less 5 minutes), put the chopped chouriço and tofu.
Tofu will cook very fast so keep an eye on your wok.
When the bottom of your food start to glue to the wok, add the cook pasta and a large portion of the teriyaki sauce.
Mix everything very well and voilá! Ready :)

And enjoy the rest of your day!

Preparation time: 10  minutes
Easy: easy
Cost: low (around 6 euros)
For: 3-4 people/meals

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