Feeling sick


The last 3 months had been rough on me... Since middle of February I've been sick and have problems digestion food, felling sick all the time whenever I ate anything, literally anything.
I've lost almost 3 kilos and notice that I'm already skinny, so now I'm even more skinny.

After some tests, there is a strong possibility of me been gluten intolerant. However, the biopsy will help to find out what is wrong with me.

Over the last 2 years I stopped eating pork, because I became allergic to pork out of the blue, now thinking that I may be intolerant to gluten, makes me feel anxious and a bit scared about my life, and how I will lost some pleasures of my life, like eating and drink...
If I'm really intolerant to gluten, no more beer for me... And I love beer, specially handmade beer.
And another concern I have is related to me losing even more weight! Apparently, people take gluten free diet to lose weight but I don't want to lose any more weight, no, no!

I spent the past 3 days searching about this condition and learned that is possible to make a lot of gluten free food like pizza's, pasta, and other types of food I normally eat and love. I may have to make them from scratch myself. I could buy it but the gluten free price of food is astronomic high, insanely high.

Although I don't want to panic and make a big deal about this possibility, I decided to think about this in a way that, if in future, this possibility will became a really I will not be so socked.
I really miss eating pork and specially chouriço, but with time I've learned to live without it. So I miss it but is something I can live well not eating, maybe I will learn to eat without gluten and find alternative that satisfy me.

I had this thoughts in my head and feel I had to let them out...

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