7 years


Today is a very important day in my life! 7 years ago I - officially - stopped smoking.
After being a smoker for over 10 years, and tried to stop numerous times without success, one day I decided it was enough.

Why I stopped?
Because of money and health!
By the time I stopped, I was smoking pretty much for a girl under 30 years. I started to feel the tobacco physically, every time I ran I lost my breath...
The money issue was also a very important reason. I don't remember the price of each pack but I remember to make the math and each month I spent almost 60 euros a month. Too much!

Was a very drastic decision I admit! I was thinking about that for some time and I felt so hard to just stop or to reduce the number of cigars a day. So on June 14th I decided not to buy any more tobacco what so ever and I kept my promises and was strong even when I had this needs specially after lunch/dinner or when I got out with my friends. A couple of months later I smoked again when I was going out in Évora. First, tasted like nothing, second was amazing, last smoke felt so badly. This helped me to keep strong not to smoke.
Ever since I didn't smoked and the urge to smoke decrease a lot.

During the first months I dreamed pretty much I still smoking, woke up so tired and coffin but with time this dreams just started to be rare and now I feel so grateful about my decision and feel so proud of myself for staying strong all the way.

I started to travel instead of spending all that money in cigars, started to feel much more healthier and to save money!
Oh my, every time I think about the money I would spend if I still smoking! The price of cigars are so high nowadays and is so good I don't have to spend that money any more :)

If you want to stop smoking, be strong! Its very hard but very rewarding.
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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