Going on holidays


Yah!! I'm about to go on holidays.
I need it so much, but so much to make a break on my daily routine, get off of my house, see a new city, new people... you have no idea.

Lately I have been a bit off of myself and I really fell my dyslexia popping up too much. To give you an idea I just update my CV in english with lots of items in portuguese... I just forgot to translate some parts. That made me fell so stupid, but so stupid no one can imagine. I think I will fell stupid for the next upcoming months...
Therefore, I really need to rest, stop a bit and get out of my routine. The last time I had serious vacations was last september, this lack of vacation is affecting me too much as well my creativity!

So I'm going on holidays...

Today I started packing, checking what can fit on my backpack - yes I'm taking a backpack, is only for this next weekend and I don't want to walk around in a new city with a trolley after checkout. Beside that I will have a full day out after checkout and will be much easier for me with just a backpack. I will be a tourist without looking like a tourist :)

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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