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Last weekend I went travelling! I love to travel and see new places/countries.
As you may know, since I quit smoking, once or twice a year I travel, with the money I use to spent in tobacco.
So this time I went to Luxembourg.

The flight ticket was pretty chip, with Easyjet and I took only a backpack with essential travel items just for 2 and half days :)

Luxembourg city is very small and you can walk around very well. For 8 hours I walked that streets and saw almost everything I wanted to visit, like Casemates of Bock, the main bridges, High Village and Low Village, the main squares and some churches.
It was really funny to hear all the time Portuguese, in the coffee shops, streets, etc... I never been in a country where so many people spoke Portuguese like Luxembourg.
On Sunday I also met a lady who lived in Portugal for a couple of years and helped Bianca. She took me for a car ride to south-east of the country, we even went to Germany for a beer, with a view to the river and Luxembourg on the other side of the river.

Duration of the visit

The city is perfect for a weekend off. Is a very small city and country, with very typical sights but little to see if you decide to stay longer than 2 days. So I would advice just a full weekend in Luxembourg.

What to see

Do not miss this sites:
- Casemates of Bock;
- 'The Golden Lady';
- City Museum;
- High Village and Low Village;
- Thüngen Fort;
- Cathedral of Notre-Dame;
- Casemates of Petrusses;
- Palace of Grand-Dukes;
- Citadelle.
Just to point out some places worth a visit.
If you have time and the money, there are arranged sight tours to visit the rounding castles.

What to eat

No doubt you have to try their waffles with sugar. They are wonderful.
For those who appreciate, their beer are pretty good. They also have a very long wine list.
The typical dishes are mainly related with meat - cow, pork and hunting meat - which I can not eat. They also have chourizos and similar types of food. So my choice was very limited due to my pork allergy, sadly.

Negatives points

Luxembourg is not a very tourist city. Plenty of shops, restaurants, coffee shops close very early. I had this funny story... Around 16h I entered in this coffee shop, to drink some tea and they were closing. The shop was located in a very busy street and lots of tourists were passing by and they were closing at that hour. They only served me my tea after I told them "take out". So prepared yourself to see lots of shops close very early. Even to get a bottle of water is very hard to spot a place. You will not find many stores with souvenirs.
For this reason I found difficult to have dinner in a local restaurant, I had to choose the open ones. Sunday nothing was open but the international food chain like McDonald or Subway.

Positives Points

The people are very nice, normally they speak french, german and english. Some even speak portuguese :)
The city is very safe. Was one of the most safe city I ever had been. You can feel comfort in the air, is very pleasant to walk around, not to see homeless people, drunk people around or men trying to sell you something.
Even that rain, the air was warm and dry. Very nice to walk around.
The tickets prices are cheap, only 2 euros for 2 hours or 4 euros for the all day, no limit of trips. Very good!Sunday, public transports are free or charge!


- Take a light but impermeable coat;
- The weather is dry, so drink a lot of water;
- You can choose to not walk so much and get to know the city by buses or sightseeing buses, pretty doable;
- I would advice you to rent a car. Parking space is limited and the buses work very well and they are cheap.

Down to the bottom, worth a visit. Check easyjet flight prices, for example, and visit this beautiful city. Meanwhile some pictures I took :)

Tell me doesn't make you want to go there?

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