Prescript - Going back to daily routines


I find very hard to go back to my daily routine after a period of vacations, no matter the length of that period.
In my case, I had been in holidays for one week and one day, but I travelled so the feeling to going back is almost deception and frustration.
Going out of my routines, is very easy for me, because I'm always on the move doing or planning something. Holidays can be the gasoline I need to burst my creativity, make it work properly again whenever I've been in a long non-stop period of working.
That is the reason I need multiple vacations throughout the year, otherwise I would gone insane, I think.

However, going back to my work and daily routine always makes me feel a bit disappointed. I do not fell the same person, my core changed, my core have something added that is only mine and no one else can see it. Travelling makes me feel a bit more complete than before, because of what I have seen, have lived, learned therefore I feel completed, one step forward ambitious. But I'm the only one like that... The others around me, didn't changed.

The worst part, is when they want to know details of your trip and I don't want to talk about it, because was MY trip, that life experience is personal but they seam to want to drink a bit of my life experience through my words, my stories and I want them for myself. They are mine and just mine.

Going back to work, after holidays and travelling, is almost a physical and mental effort I have to make... But tomorrow, I will do it!

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