One on Friday: Laura in black, by Joshua LaRock


One of my favorites places to be, are museums. Well, I love art so its kind of natural that I love museums. Really love it and I have a couple of favorite museums, funny that they all are in London.
I love National Gallery, British Museum and V&A.

Every-time I'm in London, I have to visit at least one of these museums. And of course I follow them on facebook.
I always fell amazed by painting and National Portrait Gallery has an annual BP Portrait Award and the following video is part of that award/competition.
Look at that talent!!

Everyone looks gorgeous under that light and mastery.
I wished I could paint/draw like that. Really, really wish that.

The artist is Joshua LaRock and this video shows Joshua painting Laura, his wife.
The video is mesmerizing...

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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