Prescript: My best friend


Two days ago, I remembered an old childhood friend whom I don't have contact for too many years, so long I don't ever know how many. I have no idea how he is, if still alive or not.
Don't quite remember his face, I just remember I like him so much and when he moved to Australia, I felt a huge emptiness in my life. I remember to fell betrayed and so mad he was away. I felt I lost my best friend!
Actually I did lost him.

My memory sucks about past memories, but I remember him and his little brother, remember he always come to my house to eat beef and chips and I went to his house to eat tomatoes and eggs, his grandmother prepared. So good!

A couple of years later we returned to Portugal, on holidays and I felt so happy he was back and I also felt betrayed and left behind. It was a very complicated feeling, and I have quite hard time to express it.

Funny, so years later, I think I was around 17 years and he came here on holidays and seems to be so happy to see me and I was so cold, so cruel to him. I felt jealous he talked to other girls and I thought I didn't want to talk with him. After that I never saw him again, and I regret my attitude so much :(

I really lost my best friend and never ever saw him.
A couple of years ago, his grandmother told me he had been here and tried to go to my house, my old house, however I didn't lived there anymore...

Today... today I remembered him once again and decided to look for him on facebook and found him. Sent a friend request. I'm so anxious to find out if he will accept, if he still alive, if he still remember me...
Something tells me he is gone for ever in my life, he will not accept and did cross my mind he is dead. And I was so cold last time we meet.
I do regret it!

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