Review: Me Before You (spoiler)


This weekend I saw a bunch of films, however one of them just marked me so much. After I saw the trailer of "Me Before You" film at local hospital, decided to see it.
Well I did not except something like this and I cried so much. I can not even remember one single film I had cried like this... Am I becoming sensitive?

Basically the film tells the story of a medium class girl, Louise, who becomes personal assistant of another young man, Will, who is tetraplegic for 2 years. Both lives changed and Louise, after finding out the plans of Will of getting euthanasia, decided to proof him, life is worth of living.

Gosh, who I did cried... Nevertheless totally worthy it, a piece of advice, have some tissues close to you just in case you cry as much as I did :)

By the way, Louise outfits are just amazing, specially her shoes, which are from Irregular Choice, of course.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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