Review: The girl who leapt through time


For those who doesn't know, I'm a fan of anime!
But I'm not that kind of crazy fan that knows everything and every animes, manga, ova (yes, the term ova exist, and I'm not joking) and so on that exists

I specially like anime that makes me laugh and this film is exceptional because is also a romance but so subtle and makes me laugh so much.

This film is the story of 3 friends very close to the end of the school year when the girl discovers she can travel through time and after that moment everything changes.
She starts to change situation that didn't went so well, wants to have more fun all the time... Very funny and I even saw it a couple of times and I always laugh. Really advice you to watch it!

Ah, there is a version of this film with real actors, I always suspect from this type of version, so I advice the anime version :D

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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