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Remember when I wrote about me feeling sick (read here) and the possibility of me being gluten intolerant? Well, back than I found odd the fact I didn't felt any symptoms of being intolerant to gluten.

However, last week and out of the blue I just started yo have allergic reaction in my skin, once again!
The feeling of being eaten alive started again. I didn't know the reason and I panic for a couple of days.
In the end of the week and after I visit a dermatologist, we realized it was an allergic reaction and not a dermatology cause/reaction.

Started to suspect about bread, because it was the only thing that I had eaten the whole week. Than it just pop-up in my brilliant head, gluten. I spent the week eating bread, pasta, cakes and cookies, all this wheat flour, all with gluten.
It was not hard to associated this symptoms to gluten, even my blood tests had that stated.
Ah I feel so good knowing my body just keeps rejection stuff and tries to kill me :D

Now and once again, I need to be careful about what I eat.
I definitely will make more cakes, cookies and pizza without gluten. Yes I could buy it, but lets fgace the facts, 2 pizza base gluten free costs between 2,50 and 3 euros! For 2 units! When the conventional ones cost half the price for 4 units... My salary doesn't allow me to buy this stuff...

The main core here is, I will start to present you gluten free recipes.

I even bought rice and white corn flour to substitute the wheat flour.

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