Happy International Women Day


Happy International Women Day to every women, every men, every child, every one.
Until very recently I didn't realized the importance of this day! I used to think why we, women, need a day? We want to be equal to men, so why celebrate women's day?

The true is, all over the planet women are seen as a minor individual in society. In almost every country women are raped, abused and tortured just because they are women, because women doesn't have a penis!

Historically, women position in society took a step back during middle age. In ancient Egypt women could vote, have their own business and even could take men to court, they could live by themselves and were seen as equal to men. Shortly after that, women were obligated to cover themselves because men could stand looking at women without the need to touch, and so on.

In Portugal, women could only voted in 1979 - the year I born. If we think trough almost 2000 years later women regained the status of voters, of free speech.
However, the world still a dangerous place for women!
Yesterday I read this article about 2 young women who where killed by a group of men because those men simply found they 'eatable' so they ambush them, them resist, so those 2 girls were killed, brutally killed! After this, what have the major of society did? Start to question those 2 dead girls... Yes, they were dead, and yes they were questioned! How? Everyone, started to questioned "why those 2 girls were doing alone in a foreigner country?", "Why the parents of those girls allow them to travel alone?"... STOP!
The one to blame is not the woman! Those 2 girls were not alone! They had each other 1 person with another person is not equal to 1, but 2! But the fact they had no male companion, shocked everyone!
No one questioned that group of men "Why didn't you control yourselves?", "Why did you attack those girls?", "Why do you think you have the right to attack and kill other individuals?"
We are in the XXI century but the mentally of many still in the XI century.

A woman can not be travelling alone with out a male companion. I could be travelling with 10 other women, but we will be 'alone' with out a man in our group?
If we go out, we are asking for it? So woman's place is actually inside the house, unseen, covered because men do not controlled themselves? Are men in the pre-historic period when, they were not rational? Apparently they are!

I don't like kardashian family but I even hate more women who question other woman because of what men could do... One of the kardashian gang, posted a picture of herself naked, the internet react and women react, sadly women's reaction of so castrate... Many said "If I post something like this my husband would divorce me!", "You have child, why you post a naked picture?"...
So ladies, if you are married or mother of a children, you have no mind of your own, no body of yours because apparently belongs to another person!
But I know this negative reaction means only one thing, envy for those whom doesn't care about men and society opinion.

So today is an important day! Women need a day to remind the society they exist, they have a voice, a choice on they own.
And one of the things that women need to do, is stop to life their lives around men ideas.

For today I will keep in mind an interview of Bjork, where she said women need to prove they have done stuff. Women need to photograph, film, etc to prove they actually have done this or that!

Planet earth still have a long way to be a safe place for women, children and animals.

My opinion about life, in general, is: be the person you want to be, dress the way you like no matter what others say, because there will be haters everywhere. Be kind an respect others and animals.
If you manage to be happy, the world will seams a better place to be on it!

That's why I love Bjork! She is my roll model!!
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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