Recipe: Pizza for lazy folks


Have you ever thought about making your own pizza at home but didn't know how exactly to do it?
Well, I will show you 2 types of pizza and the best of all, they are good for lazy people!
Because you are in the title of being lazy, you don't even have to prepare the pasta, no! Buy pizza base on Pingo Doce. They are fine and cheap!

Start to pre-heat the oven.
Place your pizza base in some pizza tray, and spread tomato sauce*.
Then just fill your pizza with everything you like. In my case I made 2 types of pizza.
Pizza with 4 types of cheese and mushrooms.

Sea Pizza with:
- Clamps
- Mushrooms
- Mince
- Cheese
- Egg

10 minutes later your pizzas will be ready.
Pay attention to your woven, because the pizza will easily burst! :D

* On this case I used sauce of tomato with basil on sale at Pingo Doce.
Enjoy the rest of your day and feel free to share your recipes.

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