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Today is a sad day!
I know it can be less humanitarian commenting the fact Bruxelles suffer an attack and not comment Turkey attack and so on... But the fact is I went to Bruxelles (read post here), I feel familiar with that city because I visit it, I spent time there, I have friends there and its like, part of the city belongs to my body... To my memories.

Nothing justify people killing people, over religion, politics... Nothing! We claim to be so evaluate people than we kill others for fun, we kill animals for fun, we cause suffering to others just because we can.
 Not ok! So today is a sad day!

Today I revisited Bruxelles in my head and I have friends and places in my heart. Just hope everyone out there is safe.
Bruxelles is a beautiful, gracious city, with amazing people!

If you know someone in Bruxelles, facebook has a safety center on! Check yourself if you are there and confirm if your friends are safe.

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