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Hello people! I know I've been off from this little corner of mine, but I've a very good reason for that... I'm on holidays!
Since the beginning of this week I'm on holidays and been at the beach every single day, twice a day. I deserve it!
Although I have 5 animals in my house this week, I managed to rest.

Today I'm here to tell you my newest experience! Yesterday I went to Belém Sunset Party, of Rise and Shine Lisboa and had an amazing tea, lemon and orange and ate a roast beef from Reys'Beef, and I only can tell you: you need to try! That sandwich with garlic sauce and fried chips, divine!!
Don't know here is it? Right next to Cais Fluvial of Belém, with an amazing view over the river and bridge
Why don't you go to have dinner at this amazing place while the summer night stile here?

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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