One on Friday: DIY by LEVIS


Do-it-yourself is, at this moment, very fashionable! Everyone has a DIY project to share, specially bloggers however I'm not an average blogger that follow trends, so for today "One on Friday" this DIY is not made be myself but by Levis.
And lets face it, is much more interesting to take advice from fashion designer than from some blogger slash 'wannabe' designer (well, now that I'm writing this, I'm a designer and blogger, so I not included in this category).

Levis has a long successful history and still recreates itself and now is showing us, Levis lovers how to be unique! How to customize your own Levis garment. personally I don't like to cut and touch my levis. I think my Levis are already unique and special so I will not change what I really like unless its old, seriously old.

Nevertheless, Levis has a youtube account and made videos of us to learn how to cut, repair and customize our jeans.

Check out more on Levis Youtube account here!

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