Challenge: The answers!


Well on the other week I was challenged!
Heidiland aka Débora challenge me to answer to 10 questions made by her and after that nominate 3 other blogger to reply to my own questions.

These are the questions from Heidiland  and my answers...
1. How did your blog's name born? Well, easy its my name (it started to be my portfolio showcase, thats why is my name but soon I feel the need to talk more than my work, to talk about stuff outside my professional world, like fashion, traveling, cooking, etc., and it was a natural process).

2. What do you except in a blog?
When I start to follow a blog, what I must enjoy and what makes me came back everyday, is the information. Specially the images! I just love blogs with beautiful images. I also love to be informed about new trends love to learn new stuff and if I can get all that in one blog, I will follow it. I will share that blog and will go back everyday.

3. How do you define yourself in 3 words?
This is not easy and I admit I took hours to find the right words! I'm determined, ambitious and independent.

4. What do you do when you are upset?
Bite my nails and skin around my nails and shake my foot constantly.

5. Favorite music and why?
I have 3 favorite musics!
Let down from Radiohead, Closer from NIN and Just Dance from Lady Gaga, by the way click on songs' title and listen to them.
Radiohead's song is divine! Seams to me be written by angels and touch my being in a very special way. I always wished I had written it!
Nin's song has the rhythm and lyrics I just love and goes directly to my must deep and animal side and I like it.
And Lady Gaga, is joyful, positive and whenever I'm happy I remember that one an immediately start to sing and dance.

6. Favorite city and why?
"So far" Rome! I absolutely love history specially Greek-roman history. I think I must been very happy in Rome during old roman era.

7. Favorite food and why?
Chicken, specially fried.

8. Most important person in your life?
No doubt my sister.

9. If you could choose, what would you change in your life?
Oh I would change so many small things... small decisions I took and when I look back I realize how my life might be different if I would be so stubborn. But I love my life and form the top of my head the only thing I would change was done more for my dog, done more treatments who had lymphoma. Maybe she had lived more time with us.

10. What do you think about animal - cat and dog - trade (sell and buy)?
Totally against as I'm also against animal reproduction at puppy mills or just because is funny, the dog will enjoy...whatever is to earn money with animals I don't like. Beside that millions of animals are putted down to sleep each year because no one adopt them at animals shelters and local kennels. Than you have people reproducing cats and dogs.

Now I have no idea who I'm going to nominate because most of my friends doesn't blog. Only one.. so I will just nominate Vera!
My questions:
1. How did you named your blog?
2. What do you do during your personal time?
3. Favorite food and why?
4. Which music you don't like and still sing it once in a while?
5. Favorite music and why?
6. Each fear did you decided to face?
7. High heels or not?
8. Which sin you don't resist?
9. What never leaves your handbag?
10. Favorite restaurant and why?

I will be waiting the answers (imagine me posing like Mr Montgomery from Simpsons)!

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