Recipe: Danish Hot-Dog


I already talked about the fact my recipes are very simple and I like to eat well but I don't like to spend much money, time and effort in the kitchen.
LidlAldi and Pingo Doce are my favorite supermarkets and I like the sale they have!

Time to time, Aldi has promotions of world food, oriental, nordic and I really like it. On the other day, I went there and saw remoulade on sale, which is a typical danish mustard/mayo. The first time I tried it was on my first trip to Danmark (see it here) and I love to eat that Hot-Dog with that sauce in one of the central squares. I remember to eat it and thinking this is really good. And it is! So when I saw it in Aldi I knew I would buy it and make hot-dog.

So! How you do a danish hot-dog? Easy!
Big sausage, I use one from Lidl, slim chips and remoulade. I only use that because I don't like pickles and this sauce already have onion.

Try it, you will not regret.

Preparation time: 2 minutes
Easy: Very
Cost: Low (less than 10 euros)

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