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I just meet this brand a few days ago but i'm already a fan.
This baskets goes back tomy childhood, when they were very fashionable.
As the years went by, they just gone out of fashion and the technique of making baskets almost was extinguish! But I always like them!
Another interesting fact is the fact that Portuguese culture learned to like itself. A few years back, only foreigners goodies was fashion or worthy and everything made in Portugal was secondary... However the foreigners seam to like our products and we , portugueses, have plenty of brands working here because we have qualify worker which means products of quality.
With all this, I want to say that Portuguese Culture manage to stand up and reactivate ancien techniques that were almost forgotten. One of them is the basket handmade art. One of them is Toino Abel.

This baskets made by Toino Abel, are handmade by secular techniques by Nuno Henriques grandfather from Alcobaça (check map).
I'm 'wow' by this and I simply love this fresh and vogue colors on this traditional baskets...

No doubt I will buy one!
I leave you some examples.
Visit their sitestore and follow on facebook.

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