One on Friday: My WC


This post was request by many families! Well by one... to be honest only by one person, heidiland!
After I share on my personal facebook one picture of my new soap dish in shape of an optopus, my mother comment that my countertop of my WC is amazing and she requestme to write a post about it. So here it is!

I'm fanatic about animal shape decoration objects and I have several objects alike! Obviously my WC has also animal decoration, related to sea because WC has a natural relation with water!
I have to pieces that are related to water, well I migth go ahead and say 3 pieces... The octopus soap dish, the sea urchin pot and the lighthouse soap (this last one, will not last much, sniff!)
My countertop is actually wide.

On the left side I have:
Octopus soap dish, the sea urchin pot, candle, deodorant and makeup remover.


On the right side, I have:
Perfume, 2 body creams, hair dryer, a tile painted by myself, and one small dish (also made by myself!) with elastics bands, earrings, rings, eyelash curler and lipstick.

Update(!), because I have been asked about my rings after this post, I bought them at H&M and COS.
Its kind of big, right?
My mother loves it and says she wants one like that...

The octopus soap dish and the sea urchin pot were bought on Zara Home.
The octopus still available for purchase but the pot was from 2014 collection, not available anymore.
Sign up for Zara Home newsletter and stay tune for the latest trends, the prices are reasonable and I find the objects amazing! I just love it!

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