Trip: Holland


Another month another mini-trip! Yes it was really a mini-trip to Holland.

This all trip was estranged and full of setbacks.
It has begun by re encounter an old childish friend well he was not really my friend I think... I remember him annoying me and bullying me all the time. He recognized my immediately even that had pass over 25 years...

Than when I arrived at Holland, I had to wait over one hour for the 3 animals that were traveling with me. I was invited by one security guy to follow him and I walk around in areas normally you don't go, I was thinking something had happen to the animals, but the elevator was broken so they pick me up so I pick up the animals, just that! Hint: Gentleman next time, explain so I will not be making a terror movie in my head.

Sadly and once again I didn't had time to visit Amsterdam... Because the setbacks goes on, and we had to take one of the animals to a foster family far away and another dog spent the night with me.

But I had several positive experiences!!
Saw 4 animals adopted from Bianca, by the president of Mirbessa. Ate delicious food, fish snacks and a roll thing with cheese that was amazing. And of course the airplane trip, which I love.

I hope next time I might visit Amsterdam and maybe go to museums and ride a boat for sightseeing.

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