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In the end of last week I finally went to a concert that I was really anticipating for! I bought the ticket in January and had it on my fridge door with a magnet, just waiting for the concert.
On that day, I drove to Lisbon, city that I just love and the night was great, warm and cosy.

For some time I was listen to them on youtube and found some videos of them on concerts and my expectations was high. However the concert itself was greater than I expected and in the end I had this feeling of wanting more!

The concert had a absolute fantastic energy and I understand why artists like to play in Portugal, because we portuguese people can make anyone very welcome! The coliseum was full of fans anxious to hear them and they reciprocate the feeling!

I'm talking about Royal Blood. If you are a fan of Rock and Roll and you don't know them yet, you need to update yourself!
Royal Blood is a two man band, one drummer and one guitar and its all it take to make good music, with strong rhythm in great style.
I have this idea they will became a huge band one day! They have everything in the right place and the engines are running perfectly.
Here it is 4 videos of Royal Blood!

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