Ante-vision: Roman Gallery of Lisbon


For the next 3 days, April 17, 18 and 19, the Roman Gallery of Lisbon will be opening for public to visit! This is a unique opportunity because it only opens once a year during 3 days.
This galleries are also called Roman City of Olisipo, dated from century I b.C. and century I a.C. and are part of Lisbon's history, only discovered in 1771 after the big earthquake of 1755.
Because is only possible to visit this for 3 days, its totally free ans without schedule in advance, there is a gigantic queue. If just have to be there and wait...
The meeting point is Conceição street, number 77, from 10h until 17h30 and all visits are guid by a professional technician.
Do not miss it!

Photography taken from CML website
Photography taken from CML website
Photography by Samuel Alemão

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