Recipe: Bruschetta of the country


Normally I don't like bread! Its funny but its truth... I only eat bread when I really feel the need of it otherwise I look at bread and start to feel sick. I really can't explain.

But I like bruschetta! Some time ago I wrote another recipe about bruschetta (check here) and to be honest there is no science about this type of recipes. You just need slice of bread and other ingredients to put on top. And the ingredients you may choose as you will.
This one I name it, Bruschetta of the country because I use corn bread, mushrooms and sausage, along with others minor ingredients, all from country side!

- 2 slice of corn bread, for each person
- 1/2 onion
- garlic
- 1/4 of sausage
- Nameko mushrooms
- Hoji and sunflower seeds and nuts (one hand full)
- Olive oil
- Spices (I use Pingo Doce spice little bag in almost everything, its so useful)

Start with olive oil, onion and garlic in a pan and cook them a bit. When the onion is starting to bacame golden', mix the mushrooms, sausage, spices and the seeds. And fry them all together.
Hint: Continente has a bag of the seeds already mixed at a very nice price.

Meanwhile start to prepare the bread, let it toast on both sides. I like to use the grill and not the toaster, but you can use whatever you prefer.

When the bread is ready, place it on your plate and put a generous portion of the mix of mushrooms and sausage on top of it. And it done!

You can eat it with our hand and is so cool. Beside that, so simple! Enjoy!!

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Easy: Very
Cost: low (less than 5 euros).

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