Recipe: Caipirinha


Summer is just around the corner right? Fresh food, cool drinks and icecream is all I have in my mind hum and beach!

Well this is one of my favorite drink/cocktails. I like other but this one I know how to do it, so its easier for me.
This is easy to reproduce, by this simple steps.

Ingredients, for one cup:
- 1 lime;
- Yellow sugar;
- Cut ice;
- Cachaça.

First cut the lime in slices and put inside of the short but large cup.

Mix one table soap spoon of yellow sugar and smash all with a stick, until you get the juice of the limes.
Afterwards, put the ice on the cup. Its not easy to find this smashed ice or to get a cutter so you cut the ice, I have a simple trick! Put the ice inside of a plastic bag and with the help of a kitchen hammer smashed the ice :D The perfect solution and you get the opportunity to take out all negativity from your busy day of work.

Than put the ice on your cup and fill with cachaça. Count until 6 while you fill the cup. So far this has been my trick and it works perfectly.

After all this you have to shack all! I have a shaker but you can use another glass and shake everything in Tom Cruise Cocktail style or not! Its your choice :D

And you got yourself one caipirinha!!

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