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I meet Maçã for some time! Maçã (Apple) is one of her names, maybe you know her has OMBROPOMARUm Pin Por Dia...
The girl is very creative and that is showcase in every collection she prepares. I already bought several badges, necklaces and rings (see post here), and I really like them.

Recently POMAR bloomed and I'm glad it happen! I saw the new collection of bags and I had to buy. Luckily I got the last unit of 'Menina' (Girl) bag, from a limited collection with illustration of Adriana Montes.

When I got it and open the package I saw this! Imagine my surprise. This is amazing and so delicious and delicate!

Because of this, its already worth it!

Photograph taken from facebook of POMAR
Photograph taken from facebook of POMAR
Admit, this bag is amazing right?
At this moment, is only available the bad 'primavera' (spring)! Don't miss it, it will not take lond to sold out...

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