One on Friday: Easter Break


Today is Easter Friday and I took the opportunity to enjoy a couple of days off work and since monday I'm on holidays!
Regardless everybody asked me where I was going, thinking I would enjoy a few days off country, I did not!

For only 3 days of holidays plus weekend and bank holiday, I decided to stay at home, simply relax, enjoy my house, my dog and cats, finish my foot tattoo and take care of myself! I even bought flowers for my house.
I also decided to take into my house a new dog! Bia.

She is my foster care for the next couple of weeks and hopefully she may recovered from her illness and find a forever home pretty soon.

As you may know, I'm a volunteer at local animal charity, Bianca, and Bia was abandoned a few months early and since she's at the shelter her health became weak. Her skin is very damaged, dry and lack of fur. She easily have wounds out of the blue that infect and so far all blood tests came negative, so this may be a result of stress.

I'm a very calm and patiente person and my dog is the best in the world! He allows other animals in my house without problem and is a patiente dog as well a good rol model.
Hopefully Bia will became more relax and improve her helath condition. This is why I took her into my house.

I spent the last days enjoying my free time, having lunch in Sesimbra right in front of the beach, walking around in Castle of Sesimbra, Cape of Espichel and I also went to Lisbon for a concert, which I will talk about it in another post, very soon.

Here its some pictures of my last days :)



I still have more 2 days off but apparentely the weather will not invite us to go out, sadly!
Kisses and happy easter to everyone!!

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