One on Friday: A Avó Veio Trabalhar


Those who knows me well, know I love to learn new stuff! I love to meet new people, places, etc. Love!

And I also like to learn to DO new things. Recently I discover, via 'A Luz Ideal' facebook, something super cool and I want to do it soon as possible. I discover "A Avó veio Trabalhar" (translation, The Grandmother went to Work). And who are they?

The Grandmother went to Work is s group of grannies who love to embroider and sew an they also like to share their knowledge who wants to learn with them.
I think is fascinating they want to share their knowledge and keep the contact with young generations.
I totally hope, when the time came I may have this kind of spirit instead of staying in my house watching nonsense tv shows.

I will be alert to find out when will be the next workshop.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

Pictures taken from 'A Avó veio Trabalhar' facebook and belong to Pedro Sadio.

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