My sweet Sesimbra (part II)


There is a place in Sesimbra that I keep returning once in a while. That place is Sesimbra's Castle!
Every time I go there is like the first time, I read all the boards, imagine the people living there, etc. And my dogs like to go there too.
From the top of the Castle you can see Sesimbra, the bay and every little places around it. Its magnificent!!

This time I had a bonus on my visit to the castle.
When I was returning to my car, I heard from inside of the chapel some music. So I decided to leave the dogs in my car (I know it was safe, the weather was bad).
I entered the chapel and there was a concert of sacred music "Stabat Mater", by singer Luísa Brandão and Luísa Tavares with João Lucena e Vale playing piano. It was magical! I'm so sorry the event was not promoted more. I didn't even know about that concert.

Fun fact, facebook remind me I took this pictures 6 years ago, on the same place, with my old camera with old films.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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