Recipe: Pea stew with veggie chouriço


Since I stopped eating pork, mostly of my diet had changed.
I have to take care of the type of chouriço or sausages I eat because most of them are made with pork or with some part of pork.

But luckily there is chouriço so good an totally made with soja and other veggie stuff.
So for today the recipe is Pea stew with chicken sausages and vegetarian chouriço.

You will need:
- Half of a onion;
- 3 garlic pieces;
- 2 big chicken sausages;
- half of veg chouriço;
- 250gr of peas;
- olive oil;
- pepper.

Start to cut the garlic and onion and lay it in a pan with the olive oil and pepper. Let it gain some colour than mix the sausages and chouriço all cut in slices.

After 2 minutes mix the peas and cover everything with water. Let it cook for 15 minutes.

Wood spoon by Craft Vicious.
And enjoy the rest of your day, lovelies.

Barometer:Preparation time: 20 minutes
Easy: very
Cost: low (around 10 euros)
People: 2/3

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