Prescript: Superstitious


I'm not a superstitious girl, however superstition seams to like me.

For quite a while I have been noticing this events in my life, every time I tell to certain people that I will travel soon, something bad happens to me or someone very close to me.
This idea had been bugging me for quite some time, specially since I went to Milan/Athens, because was when my sister's house burned down and my dog and her dog almost died.
meanwhile, I went to Denmark and Holland and you guys can guess what happened? In one occasion my cat got really sick and on the other occasion my sister's car broke. When I travelled to Bruxelles, my sister's car broke again.

This action/reaction is happening for more than a year... Now I told someone I'm about to visit Luxembourg and on the very next day I had a strange situation in my house. After I took bath and walked my dogs, I noticed a strange burning smell in the kitchen. I literally panic and call a technician. Apparently it was nothing strange but I really got scared.

The general feeling I got from this, is I should share less of my private life, including here. Which makes sense and probably will make me rethink about what I post here and how I post it.

I don't want to have another situation like this in my life and I feel frustrated about all this... an I hate the fact I have no control on my life, so I need to take the control, so I will exposed myself less, from now on!

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