Recipe: Mushroom risotto


If there is something I like is risotto and mushrooms.
Risotto recipe is pretty easy to do, however the first time I thought about making risotto I had the idea that was really complicated, but if simple, you just need some time and patient!
You will need:
- 150gr risotto rice;
- 1 bag of dry divers mushrooms;
- 1/2 chopped onion and some garlic;
- pepper q.b.;
- white wine.

As I used dry mushrooms, you will need to start to leave them in water of at least 30 minutes. In the end of that time, don't throw away that water, you will use it to cook the risotto.
While the mushroom are underwater, put the onion, garlic, pepper and some olive oil in a pan. Let it cook for a couple of minutes. Than add the mushrooms, but don't dry them to much.

The mushrooms need to cook very well. Dry mushrooms need some extra time comparing to other mushrooms.
Add the rice and mix all together, let is cook for a couple of minutes. Than add 2 cups of water (mushrooms water) and let it dry. When the rice is almost dry, add some white wine and once again let it dry.
You will need to repeat this last step - adding water and wine, letting dry - for more 3 times. And its done.
In the plate, add some parmesan cheese and voilá!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

Preparation time: 40 minutos
Easy: Medium
Cost: low (around 10 euros)
For: 2 people

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