Prescript: Bitting the nails


Since I was a child, I have this bad habit, bitting my nails and fingers.
Since I was a child, I've tried to control this habit of mine, but is sooo complicated. Why?
Because most of the times, I don't even realize I'm bitting my nails.

Better person

I would like to have beautiful and polish hands and nails, but the mental part is fuc***! So this year, I've decided to seriously try to stop this habit. I want to be a better person, be stronger than I'm and for that I need to accomplish my goals, and stop bitting my nails is one of them.

Painted nails

True to be told, whenever I paint my nails, I tend to bit less my nails! So what I will start to do is paint them often, manicure more and use much more hand-creme so I don't have harsh and dry hand to bother me.

Polish nails offered by Heidiland

And you dear readers, do you have any bad habit like this?

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