Prescript: Leave me alone


Today I woke up with this in my head...

"The important is the fact I feel good about myself, doing what I want. Instead of doing what others want, making others happy but not being happy... So shut up, please! You only be wasting your time and making my angry..."

You have no idea the amount of people that tells me I should be doing tattoos, why I make them, who do I will look like when I will be old... So tiring!
Seams like if I do what them want, they will be happy and doesn't really matter if I will be sad. Apparently that is totally secondary...

Spoiler alert!! I will be continuing making tattoos and piercings, yes I will. Why? Because I like, is part of what I like to do, of how I like to see myself and how I want to be.

Don't like? Please look the other way.
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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