Prescript: No waste life!


Yesterday I read a post about living a life with no waste and all points pointed made sense. Plus! All that points I already live by it, for a long time.

You all may know I hate spend money. Money is hard to get and I don't like to waste something I worked hard to get.
On a daily basis, I'm very restricted girl about where and when I spend my money with, so I plan very well my shopping list of the month;
think if that piece of clothing will be used more than twice or will last more than a year; pass on the shopping bags... With all this, I-m saving my own money and spare the environment and nature which to be honest must be tired of mankind fill it with trash.
Just take a lot of trash can everywhere! Every day tons of trash goes to the trash, trash that could be reused. I find impressive the quantity of trash and I want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

You can call me cheap, yes you can... I really don't mind and I even have a bit of proud about that. I know I follow my ideals, even they seam hard.
But saving money is not always simple...

So lets review some steps

Whenever I save money, I can:
- save money to futures low periods in my life;
- travel more and meet new places;
- make more tattoos;
- be happier with the small things in life.

Whenever I go down my priorities, I can:
- realize what I really need;
- reduce not needy things in my life;
- live more with less.

Where do I save some money, on my daily routine:
- eating less out;
- having a budget on my daily meals;
- trying not to go shopping when I'm hungry;
- buying second hand stuff and/or locally.

Local market (Paris)
These are my essential points, but they are adjusted to my priorities. You can and should make a list of your priorities and get your essential points.

Changing can be hard

Making this life changing can be hard, I truly understand. however the long term satisfaction is bigger than the 'immediate frustration of not buying a not useful thing'. With time you will learn to control the anxiety of purchase. Nowadays, I keep thinking how society makes you want to buy stuff, stuff you don't really need, but TV is full of ads and we're programmed to want to be a part of a social group. But I admit I like to be against the majority!

Starting can be easy

If you want to start a life "no waste life", the rule to start is, start! No matter where you start to do it in your life, just start, with baby steps.
The first period may seam hard to stick with it, so a good idea to not give up is, design a plan. Plan something you always want it, like a trip to Barcelona, for example. So everything you go shopping, think if you really need that clothe or product X, if not just save that money to put on your trip jar.

Trip to Brussels (see here)

And you, do you have a no waste life?
If you want to make me some questions, please do and enjoy the rest of your day!

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