On my Map: Serpa (PT)


For a very long time I wanted to visit Serpa, a small town near the Spanish border.
Serpa is well-known in Portugal due to its medieval fairs and its beautiful castle and old city surrounding the castle.

So when I was planing my trip back home from Malaga, saw one of the best way was just passing by Serpa, and thought why not enjoy this opportunity and stop in the middle of the day and visit this town?
So I did!

Was extremely hot, remember Serpa is near Spain, in Alentejo where is normally much hot than the coast.
Had a small lunch and headed myself to the old centre of Serpa. Has about 15h in the afternoon and the castle should be open, but it was not... I saw the timetable and really should be open... Maybe too hot to be working :)
Although I manage to sight seeing around Serpa and I can tell you its a beautiful place to visit. Small streets where people still not lock the doors, everything is mainly white and old-fashion.

As I promised, I'm checking my 2016 wish list (read it here) and visit more of Portugal. Hope I manage to fulfil all my wishes!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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