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Next day of my visit to Seville, I woke up really early and headed myself to Malaga, as my final destination was really that city.
For over 10 years I planned to visit Malaga, after I read in some magazine a small article, however I kept delaying this trip...

Malaga is a very exotic city, much more cooler than Seville and, in my opinion, much prettier too. You will hear and see exotic birds all over the city, so amazing.
Malaga is a small city and I think one or two days are enough to visit the main attractions. I stood there for only one day and, for me, was enough.

To see:

- Roman Teather
- Cathedral
- Gibralfaro Castle
- Alcazaba
- Birthplace of Picasso
- Picasso Museum
- Pompidou Centre
Among other places...


- Buy your combine ticket to Castle and Alcazaba, cheaper, although the individual price is also cheap.
- At the Castle you get a panoramic view over Malaga and its harbour. Beautiful!
- Between the Castle and Alcazaba you have a path that links both monuments, its pretty doable but 'slippy', be aware.
- Avoid eating Tapas at Alcazaba, too bad and too high price.
- The entrance at Cathedral is paid, in my opinion, high price to see a small cathedral with little to see.
- Malaga is known for its sweet wine, very similar to Portuguese Porto wine and sweet liquor Moscatel. You should try it although the quality of Malaga's wine comparing with Portuguese is lower.
- If you buy sight seeing bus Hop-on, Hop-off combine ticket with museums, you get a free boat ride and one flamenco show (read the brochure in advance).
- Once again, avoid horse pull carriages... Don't enjoy your staying over animals' suffering!

Enjoy the rest of your day and do not hesitate to use the comment inbox!

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