Recipe: Gratin Potatoes


The fact we want to eat healthy, doesn't mean at all, we have to eat basic plain, food without tasty, simply to survive.
Eating well and eating tasty food is halfway to not eat funky food because we still didn't satisfied our appetite and in contrary, will make you eat badly around the clock.
Well, not that I need to loss weight in fact I even need to gain weight but I understand mostly of people can relate to this first situation.

Today's recipe is just a hint who to make a twist of boiled potatoes, in just a couple of minutes, but super tasty and makes a great side dishes for meat, fish, etc...

Ingredients (2 portions):

- 2 a 3 leafs of basil
- 1/4 of purple onion
- 2 big potatoes boiled in big cubes
- olive oil
- spices q.b.
- lime juice

Start to boil the potatoes, with or without the skin.
In a non-stick fry pan, put the olive oil, onion and basil and let it cook until the onion is caramelized. Than add the potatoes.

Stir everything very well, add some spices and a few drops of lime juice. Stir once more and voilá!

So easy right? I ate this potatoes with grilled chicken.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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