Gluten Free Recipe: Pancakes


Today I have another non-skinny recipe! Last week I've talked about gluten free waffles (see recipe here), today I will explain who to make gluten free pancakes Who is your friend hum?

Well, its very easy and will give you around 6-7 pancakes and you only need:

- 300 ml of milk
- 150 gr of gluten free flour (I like Dove Farm mix flour)
- 2 tea spoons of Xanthan gum (once again I used Dove Farm)
- 1 egg
- 3 soap spoon of sugar
- 1 soap spoon of oil

Stir everything, for example I used chef from Tupperware and the dough is ready.
In a non-stick fry put a portion (I used a soap serving soap to guide me) and with the help of a spatula turn to the other side when you see the dough is cooked. Each side takes around 1 min, depends of your stove.

Repete this process until the dough is finished.

Goes tremendously well with chocolate like Nutella!

You can put some in the freezer and therefore you will have some ready for next time you just fell like eating pancakes, because we can not be always cooking.
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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