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Well, I'm back! I'm back from terribly hot Spain! And I have so much to tell you!

Although my final destination was Málaga, I decided to take the most of this journey and made a stop in Seville, for at least one day.
Last monday, I left around 6h in the morning to Sevilla!
I've decided to take my now car after I checked the flight tickets and had search on Via Michelin site, the best and cheapest way to get my destinations by car. So I took my car and spent 50 euros of diesel, including return tour from Sesimbra - Sevilla - Málaga - Serpa - Sesimbra, plus 9 euros of polls on my way back. Very acceptable right?
I took my own car and I can tell you the way to Spain and Seville is very good and the view was nice, with a few stops along the way to refresh myself, get some fresh water, stretch my legs and get fresh water, because it really a necessary thing. I drunk more water in one day than I normally do in a all week...

Sevilla is absolute, tremendously hot city and is usual to see refreshing systems at esplanades of most of the restaurants and coffees shops. But believe me, even with that systems you will find hard to cool off!
After my arrival and made check-in, I headed myself to the centre of the city but soon realized I could be in the streets for much longer and took a cab to my hotel and stood there until 19h at the evening, under the air conditioning. Was 43 degrees in the shadows and the air was unbreathable. Twice I felt dizzy and had to cool myself with a shower of cold water just in the middle of the street.

About the city itself...
Its a small city, so a day or two is enough. There is not much to see and the city looks old, to be honest. I advice you to visit Sevilla off hot season!

To see:

- Plaza of Spain
- Torre del Oro
- Metropol Parasol
- Giralda
- Bull fighting ring of Maestranza
- Triana Bridge
- Cathedral of Seville
- Reales Alcázares of Seville
Among other points of minor interests...


- Use fresh and light clothing, because of the hot/weather.
- Drink lots of water, eat ice-creams and food that may hydrate you, once again because of the hot.
- Use public transports to get around the city, or sight seeing bus.
- If you take your own car, like I did, be aware of parking payments. Blue lines on the floor, indicates payment during working hours; white lines on the floor indicate free parking space.
- Plane your trip ahead and - if you take your car - check costs and best way to get from point A to B with Via Michelin website, which is excellent for tips and gives you an idea of how much can cost you taking your own car.
- Make a small boat tour and get a different perspective of the city.
- Avoid ride carriages... You will see plenty of carriages pull by horses all over Sevilla. Those animals work under extremely hot sun, pulling loads of weight just to entertain people. You can me enjoy yourself in Sevilla and be a better person and not include animal cruelty.

Funny fact, Heidiland also had been in Sevilla a couple of weeks before me, you can read her post here!
Enjoy the rest of your day and use the comments box below to share with us some insights about this city!

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