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Job Requirement:
- Educational level of year 12 or Higher

- Fluent Speech, good diction and ease of communication
- Skills of argument towards objectives
- Versatility, Assertiveness, Pro Activity
- Good knowledge in computer user's perspective
- Experience in development of sales activities (customer and prospect for new customers)
- Capacity of organization and development of administrative tasks
- Total and immediate availability

- Customer Care (personal and telephone)

- Performing duties in administrative costs of the sale.
- Knowledge of programs such as Autocad and 3D Max.
If you are interessed, please contact..."

Let's face it, what can be seen from this list! It seems that the Designer is a multifaceted person/worker that beside designing, is also a receptionist, telephonist, Account, Sales, etc ...

This makes me very angry ... Not that I don't like to work but put all this roles jobs only proves that in Portugal the Designer is not seen as a Designer but some kind of person how makes drawings (often  very nice ones) and needs to work for a living so let's explore this needing and hire someone to do a bit of everything and on top being ignored... If not, on profile requirements should be also the desired computer skills and they said it like is not very important!

Came on!

It seems to me unfair and incorrect, that these companies do this to us designers... we studied, we paid for it, we try to be someone and work honestly and then this! It is wrong and if I ever have to hire someone else will do it with much respect!

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