Christmas ecard by TATE


This year - I honestly don't know if in the past Tate made something like this - TATE have a perfect tecnologic criative solution for us to send christmas cards by email. This post cards are a little special, because they all have a connection to art and based in TATE Kids collection pieces of art.
One very good idea for children! Culture and love and friendship 'distribution' from children to friends and family.
Worth a visit, even if you don't send any ecard, you can always take a look at their website.
Well, even now I advice to check all website, specially e-shop (some goodies with discount) and take also a n educational visit to TATE Conservation.
TATE Kids ecard

Oh, and I promisse next year I will make my onw christmas card and put them for sell at my e-shop. Next year...

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