Money on the internet.


Lately I have been asking myself if is good have a blog or website full of google ads.
Personally, I spend a lots of time on internet and I see too many blogs with too many ads. This destroy any aesthetic and may confuse the reader and interfere with the reading of the post, specially when this ads are in the middle of the post. This can make the reader (a casual reader) think that link make the a part of the post and this is not fair to him. This can make the blogger a few extra cash but he trick the reader, the reader who as interessed on the post. Maybe this is a remote possibility but can happen, and that ads are simply visual noise, distracting the reader/visitor and for me is one of the main reasons to never go back to that blog, because in this cibernautic world, I know I can find another blog with similar interessing posts and less visual noise/ads.
Is known that the human eye needs space/blank to read one text and the blank unifies and gives meaning to the phrase and if exist to many information is extremely likely that the reader will be tired very soon about the post and the guilty is everything surronding the test is confusing and needless.
But seams to me, everyday is more and more google ads on blogs and bloggers may not have teh conscience of what they really doing, and just focus on monetary benefits. It's fair but it's kind of sad.
I can not blame this attitude completely, because I myself have this kind of ads, but I think they are positioned discreetly, even secondary  ... Always in the end, at the end of the blog, at the end of my widgets bars. This way, I give the reader/visitor the decision to click or not in google ads and I don't think in the monetary benefits.

Whenever I come across this situation, I can't stop feeling a little tricked and troubled.
So I would like to give a few tips about this issue:

1) If you use google ads or another kind of ads in your blog or website, they must be marks as such and clearly distinguished from the post.
2) Avoid similarities (in style) between your blog and ads, ie, the lettering and colors must be different. Even in anyway they match, must be a distinction
3) Make a break on post to put one ad, distract the reader to something to important in that moment he's reading your post and his full attention should be on your post.

Remember, the reader has the power and the right to choose not to visit your blog any more, and if he start to feel troubled with exaggeration ads in such short space, I'm pretty sure you can count your visitor will not came back so soon and you will lose visitors that in a long term, could be regular visitors and maybe eventually they would use your links and ads.

Well, I confess that I'm wroting this post with a little of hope that some how a chain starts and one day I may realize all bloggers gain conscience and all internet experience will be must more pleasant.

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