Nippon Koma at Culturgest


For those who don't know, I'm taking japanese lecture since September and the oriental center created one email where everyone can comunicate and share information. That's how I find out about this, Culturgest is hosting a Japanese Cinema Show since 7 until 12 Dezember, where all movies have english translation and with a great diversity of films, like documentaries and animation films. Or it wasn't Japan known for this kind of films.
Personally I enjoy very much animation films and in the program appears this one I have seen already and like very much, but another one catch my eye. Saw trailer on youtube and seams to be very 'revolucionary', because mix several drawing and animation technics, beside story looks funny.
See the program and to everyone that can go, go. Tickets cost only 3,5euros (lower than 'normal' movies theatres) and it's also a chance of a film routine!


And to whet the appetite...

And arigato!

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